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It's a revolutionary way to maintain the factory fresh quality of your carpets and other household surfaces - all without residues or toxic chemicals.

Zero's revolutionary approach to cleaning makes such worries a thing of the past. By applying Zero's patented ZR technology, carpets can be cleaned without the slightest concern over residue buildup, over-wetting, or premature wear.

Not only does the ZR Technology eliminate the introduction of soaps, detergents or shampoos into the carpet, it causes the existing soils to be released more effectively and creates a safer home environment.

We can significantly reduce pet odors by either our carpet injection process for more serious problems, using our restorative process. These methods allow pet owners to also have the ability to enjoy fresh smelling carpets.


Oriental & Persian Rug Cleaning - Our technicians are experts in cleaning your Oriental & Persian Rugs. We can clean many types of rugs including Bakhtiari, Gabbeh, Hamadan Rugs, Heriz Rugs, Luri Rugs, Malayer Rugs, Senneh Rugs, Tarom Rugs, Zanjan, and many more.
Steam Cleaning - is recommended by all fabric producers and carpet manufacturers and has been proven to deep clean carpets to their fullest. Steam Cleaning offers all three cycles of washing: agitation, cleaning and through cleansing. Our technicians are experts in repairing or restoring color to carpet. We include a free fiber identification to check for color acceptance and demonstration of an area to illustrate results.
We take great care in cleaning your upholstered furniture and fabrics. Our technicians identify the fabric type and color fastness so we can utilize the correct method, either: dry foam; steam dry or dry cleaning. We can restore the beauty and extend the life of your favorite upholstered furniture.