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  FROM MAIN PAGE: The Advantages of a Carpet Maintenance Plan  

A lot of concern and expense went into the selection of carpets and furnishings for your business. It makes good sense to protect that investment by maintaining them in the best possible condition.

By using a proper maintenance program however, your carpets can be kept in good condition throughout the year with regularly scheduled service visits. Regular maintenance cleanings have been proven to be the most effective way to protect the color and appearance of your carpets. By getting to soil sooner-before it has a chance to imbed itself and cause permanent damage-regular maintenance cleaning can be performed easier and more cost effectively than traditional corrective cleanings. Most importantly, your carpets will look better and last longer.


The Dermatophagoides Pyroglyphidae, alias the House Dust Mite

Several years ago researchers, studying house dust in efforst to find the specific cause of house dust allergy (which produces allergic asthma and inflamation of nasal membranes), discovered several mites of the Dermatophagoides species in the dust. Experimental evidence suggests that these mites, whole or in fragments, and their droppings and secretions are the most significant cause of allergies of insect origin in house dusts.